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Welcome to Teacup Games! A Scandinavian gaming company founded in 2022, our mission is to craft games with a heartbeat, ensuring each player experiences a captivating gaming journey.

We emerged from the fusion of friendship and the excitement of exploring the digital realm of gaming. More than just a name, it signifies the recognition of the joy, camaraderie, and unforgettable gaming experiences that shape our identity.

We draw inspiration from the founders’ shared journey. A journey began while studying together at The Animation Workshop in Denmark. After lectures, they gathered over a cup of tea, playing games, and sparking conversations about their common passion—gaming.

“So tea isn’t your thing? – our games are brewed with a dash of mystery, like the sweet scents of vanilla or the kick of bittersweet lemon. You should give it a go. And for those who appreciate a good sip while gaming, we highly recommend a cup of tea from us to elevate your gaming experience!”

Founder of Teacup Games – Thomas-Bo Huusmann

Join our Discord community and immerse yourself in the world of Teacup Games! Connect with fellow gamers and enthusiasts, and don’t miss the opportunity to test our latest game demos. Dive into firsthand experiences of the captivating gaming adventures we are brewing for you.


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